Science Explains Why Women Get a Pregnancy Glow

Published Jan 31, 2018 | Updated Feb 19, 2020

Every pregnant woman has heard the phrase, "you're glowing!"It makes her seem beautiful and makes notice of the excited smile that the expecting woman is wearing. However, there may be more behind the phrase than you realized.

Every pregnant woman has heard the phrase, "you're glowing!" It's a beautiful way to describe the way a pregnant woman looks. It makes her seem even more beautiful than before. However, there may be more behind this glow than you realized. Women do actually glow while they are pregnant (typically starting in the second trimester) and science has shown us why. 

Cause of the Glow 

The greatest cause for pregnancy glow is the extra blood flowing through a pregnant woman's body. While pregnant, the body will produce 50% more blood. The extra blood can cause a woman's coloring to become brighter or "glow", especially in the face. It can also make a pregnant woman's face appear brighter. 

Another possible contributor is the extra hormones. The hormones can be quite unstable and react differently in different women, but the hormones could definitely produce effects that would help make a woman appear to glow. One of the ways hormones do this is by increasing moisture oil to skin. 

Negative Effects 

Sure, when we tell a pregnant woman that she's "glowing", that's usually a compliment. However, there are many instances where the woman might not feel so great from these changes. 

As the hormones increase oil to the skin, they also increase the amount of acne that a pregnant woman experiences. Pregnancy acne is a very real phenomenon. It will hit a pregnant woman at any time during her pregnancy. It can also happen all over her body. Acne can occur on the face, the back, and anywhere else. 

When you notice the acne, the first step is to get a cleanser that won't add oil to your skin. Using this regularly in the problem areas should help. Don't pop the zits! That can leave scars. 

Many women also experience something called "the mask of pregnancy". The professional term for this condition is Melasma. Sometimes, the hormones during pregnancy and the additional blood can actually cause a change in the color of the skin on your face. This change in color can cause blotches of skin to have a different color than the rest. 

Defense is your best offense to prevent Melasma. Wear zinc sunscreen and shade yourself to the best of your ability. You can try to use makeup depending on the severity of your pregnancy mask, but there isn't a way to get rid of the problem. Luckily, the problem will take care of itself after the baby is born and your body goes back to normal in roughly 3 - 6 months. This doesn't mean that everything will automatically go back to normal, but it will get significantly better. 

Other areas of your skin will also darken during pregnancy. This typically happens in the pelvis area and by the nipples. Moles may appear darker, too. This is natural, but these areas are less likely to return to normal. Also, get the moles checked out for cancer or make sure to have a ready life insurance plan set up. Even during pregnancy, it's important to check moles that change color for cancer.

Pregnancy can be confusing and scary. One of the best things about pregnancy is this "glow" that everyone mentions. Unfortunately, even that has its downside, too. Your skin might get acne that will bring make horrible memories of your teenage years. You may also experience discoloration on your face that will make you buy a whole new shade of makeup. These things may be uncomfortable, frustrating, or make you self-conscious. However, remember that your body is doing this to care for the life that you are creating. 

Your baby needs the hormones and the extra blood that causes these issues to grow properly. Buy some acne wash from the drug store, and let your glow shine all the way from within.

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