Awesome Backyard Activities for Entertaining Your Kids on a Budget

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Published Jun 9, 2016

Providing your kids with opportunity to play outside and for you to be involved as well is invaluable. Some parents have their own ideas, others turn to the Internet for help. This article is here to offer a small window into fun backyard activities for your energetic youngsters.

To be outside, on the move and invent various games is a necessary part of a child’s life, since in such a way he/she develops both mentally and physically. When it comes to playing outside, kids’ imagination is limitless, you must agree. They just need an environment that is entertaining and challenging, but also safe enough. So, if your home has a backyard, no matter if it’s bigger or smaller, you as a parent have a chance to get crafty and turn that backyard into an adventure playground. There are a lot of DIY ideas on a budget that can help you do this, so that you and your kids) can enjoy all that time spent outside even more. Here are some.

Up, down, all around

It has been scientifically proven that running, skipping, turning around and moving in general is extremely important during early childhood (up to the age of ten) since, in such a way, the brain rapidly forms necessary synapses. In essence, “rich environments produce rich brains,” and an essential agent in this process is movement activity! So, the first choice for the backyard adventure land could and should be an affordable playground set. Nowadays, you may find those in various shapes and sizes, but you can also make one on your own. Climbing up the jungle gym to look at the world, then sliding down to get dirty in the sand – to us it may seem quite ordinary – but to kids this means saving a princess and building the whole new civilization. Another climbing option is to build a tree platform and put the ladder or a rope, depending on the kids’ age. As long as they can climb up and down – it’ll work.

A place to hide

Hide & seek is one of those outdoors games that no one gets bored of. In order to make it more fun, you can put up small tents and/or make little brick or wooden walls. Use the things you already have at disposal, chairs, blankets, boxes of different sizes. Color them together with kids and arrange them together around the backyard. When they get tired of playing hide & seek, organize treasure hunting – give them a list of things they need to find and mark the places that contain treasure. In this way, they’ll move a lot and use their imagination – there’s nothing more creative than inventing a story step by step. Enjoy being part of it.

Multi-level areas around the garden

More areas – more adventures. Divide your backyard into different sections – one for a sand box and a set with a swing and a slide, another for different sports, basketball, bowling or volleyball. You can have an area just for gardening or for different water activities with sprinklers and a splash pad. Make sure to include a shed area, as well, for reading, drawing, eating and making various crafts. Use good quality materials in order to create safe environment and employ different colors – kids love it! After careful consideration, many parents decide on using Geostone to give the yard some additional colors. Next to the decorative concrete, you can also pick some interesting garden furniture – or make it by yourself – to match the color of the concrete.

All in all, be creative and play with colors – the backyard should be an engaging and attractive place where kids can develop their imagination and spend a quality time outside. With the ideas we mentioned above, this is quite easily achievable without having to spend large amounts buying expensive toys. Being outdoors for kids already means having fun – help them explore the environment by setting the right tracks and letting them then move freely.

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