4 Cardboard Projects to get involved in with your Chidlren

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Published May 19, 2016

If you suddenly find yourself with a lot of spare cardboard boxes, don’t be quick to initiate junk removal. There are wonderful things you can do with them and involve your children in the project as well.

Boxes are useful to have around not only to help in rubbish removal tasks, but also to include in crafts projects. Your children will love the opportunity to make something interesting and creative out of cardboard, so don’t be shy to encourage them. Here are few ideas in particular they will absolutely adore:

  • Dollhouse - a dollhouse made of cardboard is a cheaper alternative to plastic dollhouses that you can see in stores. Apart from that, it has one more notable benefit - creating it is a lot more fun than simply buying a ready design. Use a divider grid for the floors and wall rooms, or tape cardboard panels to serve this purpose if you lack a grid. Don’t forget to ask your children of what design they like!

  • Toy car garage - this is something for boys and their toy cars. It is a wonderful project that is easy and will finally provide a space for all those vehicles just lying around your son’s room! Boxes are already shaped appropriately, so all you will need to do with your boys is add finishing touches. You can have them draw on the box to create parking spaces or streets to drive the cars on. Additionally, you can make a ramp out of more cardboard and introduce various objects for buildings. Think of creative ways to utilise the items you’d otherwise toss on the waste removal pile.

  • A cardboard whiteboard - the benefits of creating a whiteboard to feature an educational project are immense. If you have a very young child, you can create a so-called ‘touch and feel board’. It involves sticking a few materials, such a fabric square, a mirror or a pipe cleaner among numerous others for your child to explore. Add plenty of colourful aspects and you can be sure that your baby will find this quite intriguing.

  • A vehicle made of cardboard - you have probably seen this in numerous movies and read about it in books. All you will need is an interesting template to work on and a few materials to use in the creation of vehicle features. If you are aiming at a ground vehicle, you can cut out wheels and headlights and stick to the sides of a large enough box. Next, cut out the windshield and you can have a cool new car for your children to drive.

Each of these projects can be quite fun for you and your children. Invest some time and spend some quality time together in creating and playing around the result of your efforts.

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