Rainy Day Play Ideas: Halloween in The Spring!

Published Feb 23, 2015

The rain is coming down and its gloomy in many parts of the world.

Whether it is pure sunshine where you are or you are stuck indoors due to poor weather, it is always a blast to have a Halloween in the Spring party at your house. This is one of our family’s favorite rainy day play ideas.

Get out all the costumes and I guarantee hours of imaginative play will follow. One year our kids found every costume related to service workers and they literally spent 6 hours working on different parts of making our home cleaner and safer.

Here is a list of some of the objects they used to play.

  • Water Spray bottles with water and food coloring to make it more interesting. They became firemen with “hoses”. They used the hoses to spray down all of the play houses, furniture and outdoor equipment.
  • They put on all of the clown costumes and when we ran out of circus costumes they just decorated each others faces. They took our tumbling mats and they created a circus that they performed for us that evening.
  • Superheroes are always fun costumes to wear and if you do not have any you can easily make capes from old sheets or towels. Just grab a clothes pin to attach and wearing that cape opens up a whole world of imagination.
  • Underwear? How about as a hat. It is silly and crazy and leads to creating dances you never thought your children were capable of choreographing.
  • Wigs? Sunglasses? Just adding something put children in place where their imagination comes alive.

Costumes are a guarantee to unplug your kids and see where their imaginations will take them. Outdoors just for fun or indoors to add to your rainy day play ideas, Halloween in the spring is a a wonderful way to spend the day!

These ideas are brought to you by Tiny Treks Nature Mom. Pam Worth is always available to share ideas or answer any parenting questions at pam@tiny treks.com.

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