The Benefits of Gardening with Children

Published May 12, 2016

Spending quality time with your children in the garden is superb! Not only can you help them expand their knowledge, but also work with them to create beautiful flower beds and grow delicious produce.

Gardening is a wonderful hobby that can be turned to a great family activity. You should feel lucky, if your home has a large enough garden that you can utilise and work on along with your children, because that is a worthy project to invest time in.

There is just so much that your children can learn about and discover if you introduce them to the garden. It is a place they will have a lot of fun in. Here are few other notable benefits:

  • They accumulate knowledge of the wildlife - the time your children spend in the garden working alongside you is a wonderful opportunity for them to learn more about various plants and wildlife. If you are growing your own produce there, it will teach them where food comes from as well as how to be more responsible and independent. Sure, they may not grow to be gardening experts, but it is still a worthy experience for them.

  • Animal care - it is not a secret that all children feel drawn to animals and want to understand them, care for them or communicate with them. There is no better opportunity for them to do this than spending some time in the garden. You can encourage this by building a squirrel feeder or a bird house. If you are particularly resourceful, you can even create a small pond to attract frogs. Also, when your gardening efforts are rewarded with beautiful flowers, you and your children can enjoy the butterflies that visit.

  • Growing different plants - people generally associate all gardening activities with growing plants. That makes for a great investment of your time and is a big deal for your children too. There is a lot for them to learn and a wide range of skills to acquire - from selecting seeds, to establishing beds and caring for young plants. Such activities are definitely worth it and will keep your children’s interest for hours. Explain as much as you can, as such knowledge is valuable.

  • It’s a good physical activity for them - we can all agree that physical activity is very important for your children’s health. There is plenty of that in the garden - garden clearance, lawn care, landscaping … All of that is not only fun and interesting, but also good for their exercise.

  • The garden is the perfect place for some quality time together - you can gather there with your family and have dinner in the summer months, or care for the plants together. If you have a pool or a playground, it gets even better!

If you can make the garden your children’s favourite place, you will do them a big favour. They will learn a lot and have fun as well, which is very important for young individuals.

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