Rainy Day Fun

Published May 5, 2016

If this week's weather calls for rubber boots get them out and get wet!

Is rain in the weather forecast this week? Although this may make your plans a little soggy a small shower is still better than snow!

Anyways, my kids always loved playing in the rain.

Following are tips to enjoy the cold spring rain.

Dress for the weather:

I wish we’d be done with suits, but truth be told, a rain suit is definitely handy to make the wet outside fun last longer. Not that having a rain suit is going to prevent wetness, although it will probably delay the shivers. In the country, where ravines and puddles fill up around this time of year, what we would really need is a full out fishing outfit, with coveralls and boots attached to them. Short of having such a suit, we will stick with slush pants, raincoats and boots a little longer.

Water in the buckets:

Kids are incessantly driven towards dripping water from gutters and sprouts. Give them a few buckets so that they play at filling them until they end up dripping themselves. I am always delighted to witness their quiet fascination with water.

Puddle splashing:

Puddle splashing is always a big hit as well. After all most of you probably have noticed that kids are naturally attracted to puddles. Why not give them a green light?

Color making:

Rainy days in the spring are great days to do messy activities outside. Along with being already wet and dirty, all remnants of the activity will soon be washed off. For this exercise, you will need food coloring, rain or tap water, and empty yogurt containers, about 5 or 6 of them. Fill the containers with water and make them squirt a few drops of coloring in each. Then, they can mix them as they wish, to make new colors. Let them do this until supplies lasts and you will have a whole 10 minutes for yourself.

Mud castles:

This is as much fun as it sounds, especially if you bring small animal and human figures along to put in the castle. My family has endless amounts of fun as the mud either dries up or becomes wetter. Sand works as well, however, it is not nearly as fun, for sand is found in every park and sandbox. Mud is worth the trouble, you know, once in a while.

Sow seeds in pots:

A fun activity for the young and older ones, gardening and sowing seeds will get them excited about nature. Growing their own food also has the benefit of teaching them about the origin of food and it is said small gardeners tend to taste what they grow. When it is really pouring, put pots in the garage or under the porch. For more tips on gardening with kids, read this post.

Build a bird house:

When it’s raining, the birds come out to get some food. We made this bird feeder out of peanut butter and flax seeds because that is all that we had but you could get real birdfeed and it would probably even be better.

Take pictures:

Gray days are the best to take pictures: the colors are actually more vivid than on a sunny day. To prevent any damage done to electronics, I warn the kids before they start that cameras, phones and tablets are breakable when in contact with water. I also say that I trust them with something precious and they are usually pretty careful.

Float or sink:

Take a bucket of water with different objects from outside (stick, leaves, rocks, grass…) and from inside (cork, spoon, toy…). Make them guess which objects will float and which ones will sink. Write their answers on a piece of paper and make them test their predictions. Then you can pair the different objects (ex. put a rock on a leaf) and show them what happens to the floating object when a sinking object lies on top of it.

Voilà! Now, every time it’s covered, they will rejoice because of all the things you can do in the rain. Even when they will be older, they won’t feel gloomy when it pours: they will remember the good and happy of rainy days.

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