Stylish Summer Upgrades for your Nursery: Transitioning from Baby to Toddler

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Published Apr 20, 2016

Very few things are as exciting as planning and furnishing the nursery for your baby, it can become quite emotional and the room will forever stay in your heart.

Very few things are as exciting as planning and furnishing the nursery for your baby, it can become quite emotional and the room will forever stay in your heart. Thank God, your child is growing rapidly and in a blink of an eye instead of a small baby you have an active toddler. This means that you will be as active as them, and that some things in your household should change, including the nursery.

Declutter the Room

First and foremost, you need to declutter the space: move out all toys, rocking chair, diapers, baby powder, and wall decorations. Try to think about it like this: your child is growing up, and they will need some space for themselves. Toys will probably go back in as well as diapers, but try making some room for things your child will grow to love: more complex toys and decorations that reflect their personality best: butterflies, fairies, dinosaurs, Cookie Monster, etc. Try to accept the fact that this room will be their own space soon enough.

Change the Bed and Bedding

One of the things you cannot avoid is changing the bedding and the bed itself. Swap the old crib for a bigger bed your child will be comfortable in, and buy bedding that will better reflect your child’s personality and age. As for the crib, you can always take it apart and store it in the attic for some other time (perhaps), or you can give it to someone who needs it. Either way, for both taking it apart and putting together a new bed, make sure you have all the necessary tools. Check online tool shop to get anything you might need: enough screws and tape, and the right pliers for the job.

The Question of Storage

You will notice once you start decluttering, but there are a lot of things in our nursery. Of course, you cannot leave it empty for our child to fill with toys, but then again there is no reason for their toys to lie all over the floor; children trip over them so easily and it is necessary to think about the safety of the space. Opt to bring in shelves or, if possible, repurpose changing table into toy storage, and put baby powder, oils, and diapers out of their reach. Their busy little hands and fast legs will get them anywhere, so it’s better to keep stuffed toys on lower shelves and anything you might need on higher ones.

Decorate the Place

Soft shades of pink and light blue are for little children, toddlers love bright colours and different textures, so you can decorate their room a bit differently. Make brightly coloured hot air balloons out of paper lanterns and little wicker baskets, bring in pictures of rockets, dinosaurs, owls, flowers, or wild animals and watch them stare at these new things with amazement. Even better, paint a part of the wall with black chalkboard paint and give them coloured chalks to play with. Any drawings will be easy to wash, and they will be able to express their creativity freely, without destroying any wallpapers in the process.

Time flies when you’re having fun, and even faster when you are a busy parent with an active and happy child, so before you know it (and way before you would like) your snugly baby will grow up. You will watch your child master the art of walking, crawling, running, climbing, talking, screaming, and making a mess, and the best thing you can do is keep them as safe as possible until they grow up into rather independent ‘kindergarten students’.

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