Top 10 Apps Every Parent Should Have

Published Apr 27, 2016

Are you a parent? Do you own a smartphone? If so check out our awesome list below. Find out which Apps every parent should have on their home screen. Bonus: most are completely free!

ChatterBlock: Maybe this is a little biased, however we think that the ChatterBlock App is one of the best ways for parents to plan family activities. ChatterBlock helps you discover the best kid-friendly events that are happening in your own city in addition to finding schedules for camps and classes that your kids will love. In the new 3.0 version (available on iOS) users can find, add friends, receive notifications, coordinate events, and get reminders for events.



The Bump: If you are a first time mom this could be the App for you. The Bump provides trusted, easily understandable parenting information backed by experts. Unlike other The Bump is great because it is free. The App also has other features like a pregnancy tracker, a place to store bump photos and new content daily. Considering the nonexistent price tag we think this is an easy purchase.



Disney World Wait Times Free: Every parent who has been to Disney World knows that the happiest place on earth can turn into the unhappiest if your kids are stuck in a line all day! This intuitive App lets parents see ride wait times viewable by park and GPS ahead of time. So your family will never have to waste a minute during your next trip to Disney World.



Chore Bank: In the digital age it seems like everything can be done better online or through technology. Chore Bank is a prime example of an awesome resource that can keep track of your child’s allowance, completion of chores, spending money. The App even allows you to set up an interest rate, which we think is a cute way of teaching your children the value of saving money.

$2.79 CAD.


Ringya: One struggle parents often have is keeping their contacts up to date. It is very hard to remember to actually document your child’s nanny, teacher, soccer coach, new bff, new bff’s mother, etc. Ringya is great for parents because it creates any size contact group by simply snapping a picture or emailing a file in. Once the picture is taken or the file is received your new contacts will be automatically be added phone.



Find my Kids - Footprints: Keep track of your children’s whereabouts in real time without draining your battery. Find my Kids - Footprints allows parents to track movement throughout the day, share locations and even receive geofence and movement notifications. Although some people may think this is taking parenting too far, we think think if used properly this could be a great way of keeping kids safe.



Artkive: although we do agree this App is a little pricey. Artkive is the #1 App in the world for safely storing kids’ artwork and other memories for a reason! Get rid of all the clutter in your house and archive your kids artwork on your phone. Kids love looking back at old photos and as a bonus artwork can be turned into great gifts and products with just a touch of a button.

$6.99 CAD.


Time to Potty: Thanks to Pull-Ups, parents now have a super cool potty training App that times, learns, adjusts and rewards your child according to their potty training routine. Rewards include Disney celebration games and coupons for online savings.



WebMD Mobile: Everyone knows you can’t trust everything you see online, including looking up health symptoms. However, what WebMD Mobile does provide is 24/7 access to health information. We think this is a great resource for parents to help narrow down symptoms before heading to clinic for a professional opinion.



SitOrSquat: Bathroom Finder: With children you never know when you will need to bathroom break. One second your son is fine, the next he is doing the potty dance and ready to explode. Knowing this, Charmin saw an opportunity to help parents find public bathrooms near you or where you are planning on travelling. Using this App parents can search, view, rate and add other public bathrooms to the database.



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