Essential Tips When Moving With Children

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Published Jan 31, 2018

During a house relocation aside from the regular tasks like packing and hauling the boxes, you need also to prepare your kids for the big transition. Depending on their age, children require different approach.

 Nowadays moving to a different place is not unusual. As stressful a move can be for you, the experience can be even more disruptive for your children. Here a couple of tips to make the process easier on your kids.

1. Discuss The Big Change

Don’t leave your child in the dark about the relocation. Give them enough information and time to get used to the idea. Try to answer their questions clearly and honestly. Kids may not always understand the reasons for this huge step and may focus on the negative aspects of the move. Be patient with them and preserve your positive attitude. Eventually they will accept the new situation.

2. Make Them Part of the Process

Toddlers and younger children can assist with the packing. At this age, children love to collect items and stack them in boxes. Use their curiosity and eagerness to help and get them excited about the move. Older children and teens may enjoy going house-hunting with you or shopping for new furniture. You can even take them to the new place, so they can get to know the area. If you are moving to a distant location, provide your children with enough information about their new home.

3. Time Your Move

Timing is important if you are moving with school-aged kids. Some experts claim that the best time to relocate is in the summer to avoid interrupting the school year. According to others, midyear is a good period because the child can socialize with other kids right away.

4. Moving With Teens

Often teens may rebel against the relocation. They have an established social group and may fear that they will not be accepted in the new place. Talk about their concerns and try to address them adequately. You can also plan for a comeback visit.

Good luck with your next move!

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