5 Healthy Easter Ideas for Kids

Published Apr 10, 2017

Skip the sugar high this year and try celebrating a "Healthy Easter". Check out 5 fantastic healthy alternatives to processed junk food & prepackaged goodies.

Has your family ever considered celebrating a "Healthy Easter”?

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE chocolate, candy, cakes and all other forms of junk food.

Especially on Easter...

However, has anyone else noticed how Easter is turning into a second Halloween!? Kids literally come home from Easter dinner with their arms loaded full of giant chocolate bunnies, egg shaped goodies and various other sticky and sweet treats.

Queue sugar high!

With that in mind, this year why not have your family celebrate Easter in a slightly different fashion. Skip the processed junk (or just drastically cut down on your consumption of mini eggs) and check out our sweet suggestions for Easter treats that aren’t prepackaged or full of artificial ingredients.

Healthy Easter Egg Breakfast Pops

This recipe is so simple your kids could even make it themselves! The best thing is that the ingredients in these pops are super healthy. All you need is yogurt, granola, a handful of berries and some lollipop sticks!

Baby Carrots and Hummus

If your kids like how something looks they will probably eat it! We think this garden pot idea will do the trick. Not to mention you probably already have some old pots in your garage. Just clean them up, fill them with delicious homemade hummus and watch your kids happily feast on their veggies.

Easter Egg Chocolate Covered Strawberries

If you are looking for a somewhat healthy treat, that you can make using only 3 ingredients, we highly recommend this addictive recipe. Although chocolate is involved strawberries are the main ingredient in this recipe...which makes it healthy right? ;)

Bunny Juice Mocktails

Put your bunny shaped cookie cutters to good use with these Bunny Juice Mocktails. Simply use the cookie cutters to make Easter themed fruit kabobs to use as a healthy embellishment to your bunny juice mocktail. What is bunny juice you ask? Obviously carrot and orange juice!

Peanut Butter Butterflies

When I think Easter I think of Spring. I love the green grass, blooming flowers and beautiful butterflies. So, when I stumbled upon this cute and creative spin on ants-on-a-log I knew I had to share it. All you need is a few pretzels, raisins and maybe a chocolate chip or two to take peanut butter and celery to a whole new level!

So that's all folks! 

Five fantastic healthy (or healthier) alternatives for Easter!

Hopefully, these recipes sparked your creative juices and your appetite.

Let us know if you’ve tried any of this ideas before, or if you have other ways of steering clear of the junk food this holiday season. 

Carly Paracholski
By Carly Paracholski
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Comments (1)

April 18, 2016, 10:10 a.m. Flag

Amazing collection of recipes! I bet they'd also make a great addition to family easter meals which could substitute the unhealthy, sugary treats. Next year I'll definitely make some of these for desert after dinner!
I wouldn't be using a garden pot for the hummus though. Maybe a smoother new ceramic pot which is easier to clean.


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