Awesome Easter Ideas: ChatterBlock Staff Edition

Published Mar 21, 2016

Do you want your kids to have an the BEST EASTER EVER!? Check out all of the EGG-citing and fun things our very own team at ChatterBlock does to celebrate Easter. Warning: some ideas may crack you up. ;)

Easter Egg Russian Roulette

Accordingly to our fantastic Customer Success Manager Howard, one of his favorite memories over the holidays was playing Easter Egg Russian Roulette. According to Howard, all you need in order to play is to hard boil 11 eggs and leave 1 raw. After all the eggs (including the raw one) are decorated, in traditional Easter fashion, each family member takes turns cracking them over their heads. Just like Russian Roulette the one who gets the raw egg loses!

Healthy Easter Bunny

Last year, ChatterBlocks’ CTO Addie and his family celebrated Easter in a fabulous manner. Since he is the proud father of young 3 ½ year olds everything is exciting and new to them. Addie guessed that his kids wouldn’t need lots of chocolate, the latest trendy Easter toy, or anything but the thrill of the hunt to keep entertained. He was right! His kids loved hunting down reuseable shaped egg containers, which were filled with semi-healthy treats instead of foiled lined cadbury eggs and junk chocolate.

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Chocolate Overload

On a completely different note, our CEO James’ favorite Easter memory is quite the opposite. In fact, his favorite Easter memory as a child was when he received a giant milk chocolate easter bunny. Given it was Easter, James was allowed to eat the whole thing. It may have taken him an entire weekend of non-stop chocolate binging, but he was able to polish it off. Just like with his company, James’ chocolate overload shows that hard work and commitment can pay off...even if it gives you a sugar high.

Hoppy Easter

Easter was one of our Web Marketer Carly’s favourite holidays growing up. After all, what little kid wouldn’t love the opportunity to eat chocolate, paint eggs, and feast on fantastic food!? Her parents were great “Easter Bunnies” and always set up an awesome Easter Egg Hunt for Carly and her twin sister. As a result, she has very fond memories of sprinting around the house, following a trail of chocolate eggs and ridiculous riddles, in hope of finding what the Easter Bunny left behind.


One year Carly’s parents even bought dwarf bunnies for her and her sister. Vanilla and Raisin were their names. Although this was an incredibly cute gesture, especially on Easter, dwarf bunnies proved to not be the more practical of pets. So, we would suggest not buying any for your kiddos this Easter, BUT that’s just our personal opinion. ;)

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Easter Auction

According to Joelle, our Director of Marketing and Product Design, as she got older her Mom wanted to keep up with fun Easter traditions even though chocolate had lost it's allure. So, her Mom would hide hundreds of little eggs that we're plastic and could be reused each year, and Joelle and her four siblings would have an epic race to get as many of the eggs as possible.

With these eggs, you could bid in the Easter Auction (so the more you got the better your chances at winning the prizes you wanted). Joelle’s Mom would come out showcasing prizes one by one. No one ever knew how many prizes there were or what would come next! Prizes could be anything from grocery items, to treats, to practical things you hate buying yourself like socks or razors, and even a mystery bag or two. Then you'd start the bidding on each one!

Easter Auction was (and still is) a fun way for Joelle to spend an entire morning with her family. Not to mention she always ends up with some cool (healthier) treats and prizes. Joelle’s family still does the Easter Auction every year, even though all of her siblings are in their late 20's-late 30's because they love it so much! According to Joelle she has a super Mom :^)

Daddy Done-It

Communication Lead and Head of HR Ania's favorite Easter memory is a little unconventional. One of Ania's favorite Easter memories is of a time when her entire family simply went for a walk on Easter morning. On this walk Ania fondly remembers her Dad running ahead of them and hiding chocolates randomly on the path. Even though Ania was young she knew it was better to just pretend she never saw anything and act surprised every time her, or her god brother, found an Easter egg. 

We think Ania’s memory is great because it shows that kids often remember the little things, or activities they do together as a family, over materialistic things like what new toy they got for Easter.

Now it is your turn!

What does your family do on Easter?

What was your favorite Easter memory from your childhood? 

Feel free to let us know in the comment section below. 


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April 18, 2016, 12:13 p.m. Flag

When I was younger, my parents always took me to our local park for an Easter egg hunt. The park was beautiful in the spring and if the weather was good we had a picnic afterwards. It's my favourite Easter memory from my childhood and if I was still living in the city I'd do the same with my children every year. Instead, we're doing an egg hunt in our garden :)


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