Decluttering Toys During House Clearance

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Published Mar 17, 2016

The number of toys that happen to be in a home will vary, but the truth is you will still need to organize things and to make de-cluttering a reality.

Toys feel like they’re everywhere these days, something you can step upon when you’re a parent, something you find in the most amazing of places around your home.

Some easy tips and ideas where the de-cluttering should start from:

  • You need to understand less is better. Just the same as it is with any minimalist project, it would be best to begin with the understanding that less is a desirable thing to deal with. Having fewer items lying around will allow you to handle everything more easily in the long run, from clearance to a whole lot more.

  • Fewer toys mean something different from no toys at all. Toys can be more than simply educational, as they will play a major role in your child’s development cycle.

  • Analyze the motivation you have for purchasing toys and see what you can do to keep them to a more manageable amount. If you have way too many toys around your home, you will need to work on making decluttering and clearance a reality.

  • Choosing quality over quantity is an important step as well, since your kids will benefit more from using toys that are chosen for quality instead of quantity. I suggest picking toys based on its purpose rather than simply having more of them. Just like it is with other things in life, having too many toys scattered around will distract kids and as a result good toys will get left behind. 

  • Purge your belongings often. Specifically, I suggest starting with a clean sweep of your kids’ room right away. Removing toys you don’t need will be a good way to start the job, as it will allow you to make use of the unused toys in boxes, donating them to a charity of your choice.

  • Prepare a confined physical space for your toys. Whether this is a shelving unit, a closet or something similar is up to you, but you will need to setup a confined physical space that will work well for your kid’s toys. Once you have that space full, there will be no room to add any more toys to it. Making sure you a good space and having your kids clean up after themselves will save you a lot of trouble regarding clearance.

  • Limit the purchasing with a good budget, allowing you to set aside a specific amount of money on the toy budget. If you don’t have some sort of a budget you may get out of control with your spending and as a result have an empty wallet and an excess amount of toys! 

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Justina Roberts
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Decluttering and donating toys is such a good thing for children, you're definitely doing them a favor. It teaches them to be tidy, value their possessions, and to be generous at an early age. While it might make children scared or sad at first, I have seen so many kids learn to love to make decisions on which toys they use, which toys they have outgrown, and which toys might make someone else happy.

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