What Is The Hardest Thing About Being A Mother?

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Published Mar 10, 2016

Motherhood is hard work and immense bliss. At the same time it is also feels like you are "swimming in love".

Whether you are mother, are looking after kids, or you have your own, understanding motherhood is a beautiful thing.

To be a mother is one of my longest life callings. When I was growing up as a  little girl I never really thought much of it. My mum was always a very natural mum. The fact that she was a paediatrician allowed me to grow up loving children. I knew from very early age how precious life is.

Until I met my man the thought of having any children hadn't cross my mind.

Yes, motherhood is a choice.

Once my first boy was born I knew that my life had changed forever. From that day on I personally changed as well. I became stronger and in a way also felt more vulnerable, as I had another precious life to take care of. From there we had another 3 boys. Now our youngest is just a baby.

It is hard to imagine life without my kids! I am almost sure that it is possibly the same for every mother around the world.

To me personally, the hardest thing about being a mother is that I have to learn to LET GO. It is something that I am constantly learning to do and it is something that causes me to willingly choose to suffer sometimes.

Learning to let go of the life before kids. Learning to let go of the baby stage and help your child to walk and dress independently. Letting go of thinking that we know best what our kids need. The truth is kids even at a very young age are very sensible and we have to learn to trust them without being there to always support them.

There isn't a parenting manual that fits all.  Every mother knows that no book can teach how to love and care for your child. You know that better than anyone else, but you also know that your child is constantly growing up and you have to "grow" with him or her as well. Parenting is one of the best personal development courses ever.  You learn about patience, acceptance, jealousy, sadness, resentment, reading body language. You also somehow know where everything is.

Sometimes it's almost impossible for me to let go, other days I find it effortless. My main intention in bringing up my kids is to teach them well so they can be adaptive, kind and take care of themselves no matter what. I also have an intention to constantly work on building a strong relationship with them where we trust each other no matter what. I achieve this mainly by being honest with them about everything. We talk very often and we let each other say exactly what we think of each other and how we feel about things.

It is a kind of family therapy, without the therapist. It works for us.

My two eldest sons are now in Grammar school, where they are really encouraged to be independent and responsible. Here is another opportunity for me to become better at letting go and letting them grow. I need to let my boys cry happy and sad tears and continue to have our love for each other grow.

How about you, what is the hardest thing for you about being a mother? Please leave me a comment in the box below I would love to hear from.

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ivelina Borislavova

Written by ivelina Borislavova


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That's so touchful. I guess I agree with you - it's always hard to remember that your child gets older every day and you must let him to be free and live independently. Also I think it's so hard to not forget myself and my needs, because I think about my kids almost every time, so sometimes I forget that I need to take care of myself too, because I need to be happy that my kids would be.

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