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6 Potty Training Tips for Girls

Published Mar 7, 2016 | Updated Feb 19, 2020

What is the perfect age to potty train? When your daughter is about 3 years old, she is supposed to be taught ethics for urination and having bowel movements.

Serious and sensitive moms are always asking when to start potty training their children because they are afraid of smelly accidents. When your daughter is about 3 years old, she is supposed to be taught ethics for urination and having bowel movements. Many parents, who can’t cope with their children, find alternative ways to learn through books, magazine and social media. 

Well, what if all the tips could be found on one page, making it easier for you understand how to deal with your girl when it comes time to start potty training? Below we have all the teaching tips you will need in order to make your daughter's potty training review the easiest task for you.

1) Spend Time with Her

Being a mom you know that your daughter becomes really happy when she is with with you. Now she is about 36 months old and needs your full attention. If you are a working woman, we suggest doing this while you are on holidays. If you do not spend enough time with her, potty training may become a very difficult task. 

2) Bring Some Pictures

It may be more visually appealing to put together a few pictures or images on which there are cartoons images of characters going to the restroom. These images will make her understand how to have bowel movement in simple, fun way.

3) Play Strange Game

There is no actually no strange game, rather the strange game means as a parent you will do something slightly strange in order for your child to learn this new method. Take a stool, place it beside a wall, and keep a distance of 10 feet from that stool. Now walk to the stool and sit down. Say to your daughter, it is your turn”. She will learn to sit on it.

4) Take Her to Beach

When your girl is begging you to buy her some chocolates or candies, take her to any seaside place instead. Make sure not to forget bring the potty tub along with you. While at the beach you can incorporate fun activities and games with her to instil the importance of potty training. 

5) Possible Happening

It is possible that during this time your daughter will ask you to go to the pool. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of! First, we suggest getting your daughter to practice controlling herself at home in the bathtub or on the stool before promising to go. Through this action, she will get some necessary practice before hitting the beach. 

6) Appreciate Your Daughter

It is important to still appreciate your daughter even if she has an accident. This appreciation will create more self-confidence. Another idea is giving her a prize like a toy or chocolate for the occasional reward. She will try to stop having these messy accidents in order to get her favorite things.


All of these tips are very unique and if you start from today, in no time your 36 month girl will be ready to go to the toilet. The only thing missing is teaching her the habit of washing her hands after every bowel movement.  

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March 8, 2016, 11:38 a.m. Flag

I really like the idea of starting when you have time away from work or can keep your child's routine strict at least that first week or so. One of my girlfriends who started to potty train her kid on a weekend; Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and everything was going great, she went back to work and Grandpa let the kiddo have a couple accidents. It really derailed their progress. As a parent, if you can't be there all the time, make sure your child's caretaker follows your schedule and the guidelines you've set up. This is a really excellent article, fresh ideas!


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