Kiddle: the New Child-Friendly Search Engine

Published Feb 29, 2016

Can you imagine life without Google? Well, before Kiddle came along we couldn’t either! For those of you who haven’t heard Kiddle is the new kid-friendly search engine. It uses Google’s Safe Search technology to deliver results written specifically for kids. Parents you need to check this out!

Move aside Google, Yahoo and Bing there is a new search engine in town and it is kid-friendly!

Kiddle - the visual search engine for kids is a new customizable service that filters results to bring up only ‘safe’ sites written specifically for children.

Although Kiddle is not officially a product of Google, the company does use Google’s Safe Search technology to hand pick its results. However, Kiddle does use Google’s colors in addition to adopting an epic outer space theme, which makes the interface very inviting for children. 

Kiddle’s kid-oriented results are broken down into three categories.

  • The first 1-3 results are safe sites or pages that are written specifically for children. These sites are handpicked and thoroughly checked by Kiddle editors to make sure no inappropriate content is shown.

  • The next 4-7 results are also trusted sites. However, these sites are not written specifically for children and may have wording that children could have difficulty understanding. Again, all the results are hand selected and checked by Kiddle editors.

  • The remaining results are well-known sites and pages that are written for adults. Expertly filtered by Google Safe Search, these sites still provide expert content but may be hard for children to comprehend.

Other notable features of Kiddle include its use of large Arial font and thumbnails to help illustrate search results better. We think this is awesome as it allows kids, who don’t read as fast as adults, to easily scan and differentiate results in a more visual manner. 

Example 1) 

The image above shows the top three searches in Kiddle for the word football.  

Example 2) 

Similar kid-friendly results show up when you search for Leonardo DeCaprio. As you can see large thumbnails and easy to understand language are used to display the results. 

So, what is our initial take on Kiddle? Well, the search engine just launched so it is hard to say. What we do know is that it has the potential to be a great resource for parents to monitor internet activity. This hopefully will allow Moms and Dads all over the world to feel confident and comfortable that their children are not being exposed to anything harmful online.

What is your stance on this new search engine?

Yay or nay?

Carly Paracholski
By Carly Paracholski
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March 8, 2016, 11:18 a.m. Flag

The idea of a safe internet space for kids is obviously favorable, but Kiddle sounds awesome! I'm really impressed that they can hand-pick results to show up first that are written for children to understand. I've heard of some of the most seemingly innocent searches turning up inappropriate results. Not only with Google's safe search feature, but serving up website easy for kids to understand before all others, I'm thinking Kiddle is a "Yay!"


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