Mudilicious Inspired Fun by Tiny Treks

Published Feb 9, 2016

Mud is much more than just fun to play in for children. There are social, physical, cognitive and health benefits to playing in mud. Did you know ...

Mudilicious inspired fun by Tiny Treks

Did you know…


  1. Mud play helps build the immune system in children according to recent studies.  According to the National Wildlife Association, kids who live in ultra clean, constantly sanitized environments are more likely to have asthma, allergies and other autoimmune diseases.  Let kids play in the mud for optimal immune building health.

  1. Throw out the flashcards and go dig in the mud. Playing in the mud has proven to release serotonin, which results in improved cognitive functioning.

  1. Kinesthetic, sensory play helps kids’ brains.  Kids today are often plugged in to one dimensional screens. Mud play can lead to infinite imaginative and tactile learning.

  1. Take out some paint brushes and create mud art.  Develop the inner and outdoor artist in your child.  They will take more risks in their creations in the mud.

  1. Mud is a great sibling and friend equalizer.  Often one child is more cognitive, another more verbal, another more tactile.  Mud is for all learners. Watch the cooperative play that follows. There is plenty of mud to go around, so sharing is not an issue.

  1. Last but not least, mud play is FUN.  Do you remember playing in the mud?  Get Outside and Explore and Please, for your health, get muddy!

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