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The More, the Merrier: Partying with Your Birthday Mates

Published Feb 3, 2016 | Updated Feb 19, 2020

Celebrating your birthday with loved ones has always been near and dear to my heart. However, why not take it a step further and discover the joy of having a group birthday party. Check out this article to learn more about celebrating your special day with both old and new friends.

Birthdays can and should be exciting. 

I am certain most people would agree that the most memorable birthdays are those spent with family and friends. Although it is perfectly fine to celebrate on your own, I personally believe it is simply not the same if you are on your own on your birthday. Besides eating cake it can be quite a drag doing the same thing over and over again each year. And I believe the vast majority of people would be willing to try something new if given an opportunity.

So here’s a question or food for thought.

Do you think you could have as much fun celebrating your birthday with complete strangers?

Honestly, I think the answer to that question is maybe. It would probably depend on who these strangers are and more importantly, their characters and personality. Wouldn’t you agree?

Here’s another question.

Do you think you could possibly have more fun at your birthday if you had both family & friends AND those strangers I spoke of in the previous paragraph? I am willing to bet that the answer to that is quite possibly. And in using the word “quite,” I am leaning more towards “probably” than “possibly,” possibly being more in the middle or being neutral.

One more scenario (the last one I promise.)

Going forward from the family & friends and strangers scenario, what if the strangers were also celebrating their birthday on the same day as you were, and perhaps they brought along their own family and/or friends. Could you like that? This time I’d be a bit bolder and say very probably.

Why do I say that?

Again, from my own experience, I have attended such joint birthdays before, and when compared to all the other “regular” birthdays I had been to in the past, the group birthdays were much more enjoyable. My close friends have also told me that they too enjoyed group birthday more than celebrating alone. Lastly, I think it just makes “sense.” Of course not “rational” sense,  but it makes sense according to me. ;)

Haha. Just kidding.

But seriously though, think about it this way. Remember that saying "like attracts like?" Or "birds of the same feather flock together?" Just imagine a situation where there is a gathering of several people, all happy in a joyful mood. Now imagine how it is safe to assume that the happiness and joy that exists in the group, as a result of the birthdays being celebrated, can only but spread and multiplied amongst everybody attending the party. Hence making the celebration all the more fun and memorable! This is the “sense” I spoke of earlier. Doesn’t that make “sense” now (goodness me, what is up with me and the word sense. lol.) Or at least, doesn’t it sound plausible?

Which is exactly why this article is called:

The More, the Merrier: Partying with Your Birthday Mates.

Of course if you decide to spend your birthday with family, friends and your birthday mates, there are a thousand things to do on your birthday, so finding an activity to do should not be a problem. I guess the only issue would be finding  birthday mates to celebrate with. This could be difficult if you are new to a town or city. However, when you know about the statistic that says there are approximately 19 million birthdays celebrated each and every day worldwide, surely that has to increase the probability of finding such a person or people? Don’t you think?

In the same vein, here’s another fact. Unless you were born in the woods in some far off distant land, you probably were born in a hospital, or at least were taken there shortly afterwards. If born in a hospital, surely it is almost certain that there were other babies born there that day. 

Well, there you have it. Everyone has a birthday mate, you just have to go and find them. How awesome would it be if you could actually find any of those birthday mates who actually laid in the incubator next to you.

So, I have said my piece. You can decide to do the same old boring thing you have done on your birthday each year for the past heaven knows how long, or you can decide to try something new. 

Just please do me a favor, if you decide to try this out. Or indeed discover any useful ideas from that list above, do please shoot me an email to share your experience and thoughts.

Or you can do so by leaving a comment on linked list provided above. 

Peace out and have a blast of a birthday, whenever it comes around.

Kanayo okwuraiwe
By Kanayo okwuraiwe
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February 8, 2016, 1:23 a.m. Flag

Well, today is my birthday, so this article is just perfect for me! I won't do any group birthdays, because I'm the only one from my friends and family who is born on February, but instead of that, I will spend a nice time with my husband and my family, and on the weekend I will have a huge party with my friends. (:


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