5 of the Coolest Birthday Present Ideas Ever

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Published Nov 23, 2015

Looking for a fun and unique birthday gift idea? Here's 5 ideas to suit all ages.

When you love someone and are looking for many ways to show and express your affection, you may even catch yourself thinking about their birthday present for weeks or even months in advance. No wonder, since getting a great birthday gift can be a nightmare for person buying it and turn into a disappointment for people who receive it if you don’t think things through. To avoid nightmare of panicking a few days before an important person’s birthday because you don’t have an appropriate gift, we offer you a list of 5 coolest birthday present ideas everyone will love.

‘Crazy’ bookcase

Any bookworm will tell you that the downside of their book obsession is not having enough place to store all their books. ‘Crazy’ and completely adorable book cases in shape of a tree, teacup, or even malagana: equilibrium bookcase where modules are stacked at a single angled point, will definitely make any room look amazing. Even for those who don’t have a lot of books, a nice bookcase can serve as a beautiful piece of furniture where other things can stand as well: pots and vases with flowers, family photos, and children’s rock collection.

Furry friends

Believe it or not, pets can really make your life better and make almost anyone happier, kids and old people alike. Having a friend in form of a cat, dog, parrot, goldfish, ferret, pygmy bunny, or a lizard can fill your life with love and affection, and if you decide to give someone a pet you will make the right decision. However, before giving a pet to children you should talk to their parents first and see if they are prepared for that kind of responsibility.

3D printing pen

For those who are creative and always complain about never being able to find things that are ‘just like want them to be’, here is an idea: buy them a 3Doodler 3d printing pen and they will be able to make little works of art just by sitting in their homes and using a simple pen. You can even make your own phone case, crowns, toys, and little figurines to decorate your desk.

Go big or go home

If you are one of those people who like grand events and preparations, this is the right thing for you. Make it big from start, plan a huge birthday party for a great number of people, family, friends, and coworkers, and arrange everything: music, drinks, and catering. If you want to, you can try keeping it a secret, and even arrange for everyone to learn a few simple dance moves so you can have a flash mob in the middle of the party. Hire a big ‘Happy Birthday’ building sign so the person can see it on their way to work: that should give them a general idea what to expect on their special day.

For the adults who like a sip here and there…

For those who like to have a glass of wine or a nice cold beer after a long day, you can choose from several equally awesome: a huge wine glass, a customized beer mug with their name written on, or something called Chillsner: a chilled beer cork which not only prevents a person’s beer from getting warm, but it will keep it closed so not a single fly, ant, or any other insect can get in if you leave it on the table unattended.

Remember, it’s not the presents that are important in a person’s life; it’s more about those non-material and yet much more valuable things like: gentleness, support, friendship, acceptance, and love. When you have that, all you need is a bit of creativity and imagination to come up with a cool gift.

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Daniel Rogers

Written by Daniel Rogers


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Fun post. I especially loved the bookshelf ideas. I went to the site listed and was amazed by how creative people are. I work in a public library and whenever I see something that makes reading fun, or inspires kids to love books, I’m all for it. These ideas look fairly simple too. After you gift a child with one of these fun bookcases, you can spend the next few birthdays helping them fill it with great reads for kids.

Posted by user_14421 on Jan 13, 6:44 p.m. | Like | Flag as abuse

Chats: 6
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Surprises are the BEST, kids love surprises no matter how big or how small. My son still talks about the surprise birthday I gave him a few years ago as the best birthday ever! And all I did was decorate the house with streamers and balloons and cover the table with cake and goodies. I have never heard of a 3D printing pen and i am going to look into getting one... the kids would LOVE this!

Posted by user_14471 on Jan 20, 1:11 p.m. | Like | Flag as abuse

Chats: 3
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+1 for the pet suggestion. Someone gave me some goldfish at the state fair and it made my whole week. The 3D printer pen looks so awesome although I'm pretty sure I'm not creative enough to accomplish anything with it. Also, those book shelf ideas are too cool! What a great way to make a statement in any room. Love the minimalism of the invisible self.

Posted by jamie on Jan 20, 7:13 p.m. | Like | Flag as abuse

Mindy McCready
Chats: 10
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ohhh, I've read about fancy decorative bookshelfes before and the ideas are brilliant. They are perfect to smarten up any type of room and can be made to fit different personalities and tastes. It's an idea that can also be accomplished together which helps bonding and create fun memories :)

Posted by Mindy M on Jan 23, 6:25 p.m. | Like | Flag as abuse

Maria Smith
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These spa gift idea would be a perfect well they can be put in a surprise gift boxes instead of a transparent container.

important gift ideas

Posted by Maria S on May 22, 9:09 p.m. | Like | Flag as abuse

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