Having A Sustainable Garden In an Urban Area

Published Feb 2, 2018

Everyone enjoys the beauty and scent of flowers and outdoor gardens to houseplants, the pleasure is the same. There are all types of plants that can be grown in all types of containers and gardens.

Everyone enjoys the beauty and scent of flowers and outdoor gardens to houseplants, the pleasure is the same. There are all types of plants that can be grown in all types of containers and gardens. Perhaps you are one who would love to grow an outdoor garden but you feel it is impossible due to living in an urban area. The following is a list of five methods for growing a garden in an urban environment:


Container Gardening

This is a very popular form of gardening for many people, especially those living in apartments and colder climates. Plants can be grown in containers indoors as well as outdoors allowing plants to grow all season. Many types of flowers, foliage, food, and herbs can be planted into all different types of containers. From
flowerpots to tires, you can be creative. Think of it as a way of repurposing old containers that are no longer in use. With this type of gardening, plants can be grown with sunlight on windowsills or balconies.

Garden Indoors

Some people prefer to stay inside and do their gardening, if you are one of those people, houseplants would be a good idea. There are many different kinds of plants that are for indoors only.
Houseplants are just as beautiful as outdoor plants and they also come with many benefits you may not realize. Houseplants can help you breathe easier because plants take in carbon dioxide and let out oxygen, thus giving you more oxygen to take in. Think of it as partnering with your plants. Plants release water and purify the air making them a natural vaporizer, working toward your positive health. This is a great thing for people living in colder climates and staying indoors most of the time.

Gardening in Raised Beds

For those that love the outdoors, but have no traditional way of planting, gardening in raised beds is very common. These types of gardens are usually made with concrete, stone, or wood and stand free, allowing the gardener to have control of the kind of soil being used. Unlike a traditional garden, these types of gardens will keep the soil warmer and allow for a more significant water flow. From
herbs to ornamental flowers, many different kinds of plants can be grown in these gardens. These types of gardens are elevated higher allowing anyone easy access for gardening.


Gardening in Water

If you are one of those people that absolutely love the water and nature but your urban neighborhood is limiting you from that, then you can create your own nature. Anything that holds water can hold
aquatic plants and fish. Repurpose an old bathtub or an old container no longer in use. Since you can plant any number of plants into a warden garden, anything of any size can serve the purpose, it is entirely up to you. Don’t let your urban life stop you from enjoying the gardening you love.


Gardening Using LED Lights

The same lights that are used in
LED signs can now be used in your garden. This type of lighting an indoor garden is not only becoming popular for people living in urban areas, but it is also a smart solution to give plants the light they need. Unlike conventional lighting, LED lighting is cost efficient and longer lasting. LED lights do not put off heat so there is no need to worry about cooling the confined space. LED lights are also safe for the environment. An indoor garden can be created inside a garage or an old tool shed giving you the sense of accomplishment in growing your own plants, vegetables or herbs no matter the season and even while living in your urban community.  

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