The Top Math Apps for Your Kids

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Published Nov 16, 2015

A lot of kids struggle with Math. Here are 5 great Apps that will help them excel this year!

Math can be a real challenge for a lot of kids.  Luckily there are so many great resources available nowadays to help. Here are some awesome Apps that will help develop your kids' math skills and even make Math (gasp) fun!  

1.  Einstein Math Academy (Ages 3-10, Free, Android)

The quirky visuals, fun music and interesting sound effects of this App make it entertaining as well as educational.

For older kids, this App has 4  modes (Kids, Timeless, Quick, and Survival).  To succeed at the game, players need to find the right equations.  Although this game is relatively easy to play, its complicated scoring system makes it hard to master--so it's great for keeping kids engaged.

Even younger kids can benefit from this App, as it teaches them about numbers, addition, and subtraction.  

Click here for free download. 

2.  Counting Caterpillars (Ages 4+; iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

This whimsical App is a super fun way to teach kids math!  Each player gets an adorable caterpillar, who they must feed cute little bugs to.  In order to do this successfully, the bugs must be caught in a certain sequence.  

This game has 45 levels, so it will be able to keep up with your child as their math skills improve     

Click here to download.

3.  Kids Math (Ages 3-5, Free, Android)

This fun App has 8 levels.  The objective of the game is to correctly answer 10 math problems at each level within the allotted amount of time of 30 seconds/problem.  The same question never appears twice.

Click here for free download. 

4.  Wee Kids Math (Ages 0-6, iPhone, iPad)

This engaging App can be used by even the youngest kiddos, as it introduces them to the basics like numbers, sequences, and shapes.  However, once a kid has mastered addition/subtraction, this game is probably too basic for them.  The cute bug and animal visuals definitely make this appealing to young children!

Click here for download. 

5.  Mathmateer (Ages 3-6, iPhone, iPad)  

This App is insanely fun, and you'll have a hard time pulling your kids away from it!  The purpose of the game is to build a space ship and keep it running.  There are a series of problems that players can choose from (multiplication, telling-time, counting money, identifying geometric shapes and recognizing numbers).  Points are dependent on speed; the faster a player answers each problem correctly, the more points they are awarded.  Players can also accumulate money via "mini-games".  Money is necessary to keep the rockets airborne.

Click here for download.   

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Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Parents can check "5 You Tube Channels to Help You Teach Math"

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