Top 10 List of Special and Unique Ideas for Family Summer Fun

Published Aug 29, 2014

Some great ideas to enjoy with your children this summer. Summer is a time of adventure!

Summer time is coming and all the children will be out of school. This is when they all get bored and have nothing to do. Parents want to keep their children busy but at the same time have fun and come closer together as a family. 

1 - Camping. One thing that parents can do with their children and the children would have a lot of fun doing. This would be to go camping. All that needs to be done is get camping gear such as a tent, water bottles, sleeping bags, first aid kits and food. You can camp in the back yard if you do not want to go too far from home. While you are camping you can tell stories to each other and play games. 

2 - Swimming. Next something children like to do while on summer vacation is to go swimming. This can be a very fun family activity to bring you all closer together and keep the children busy.

3 - Fishing. You can also go fishing with your children. Taking children fishing gives you a chance to bond with them and teach them something at the same time. 

4 - Park Days. Taking the children to the park can be a very fun filled day. While at the park you can feed the ducks if there are any, play basketball and play on the play equipment. Some children’s parks even have sprinklers so the children can play safely in the water.

5 - Mystery Dinner Party. A fun and interesting thing that can be done with your children during the summer vacation from school could be to have a mystery dinner party. This is where your child could invite over a few friends for dinner and you would create a mystery for them to solve and each of the children would be a character in the mystery. 

6 - Sleep Overs. It’s the summer time; let your children have a sleep over. Let your child invite a few friends over to spend the night. You can have games prepared to play, movies to watch and even order pizza for everyone. This is a fun way for your children to stay connected with their friends. 

7 - Scavenger Hikes. You and your child can go on a scavenger hike. You can create a list of items that you want to find while on your hike, and mark them off as you find them. It will be interesting to see what all kinds of things you will find while taking a hike. 

8 - Museums. They are always fun and normally can be found not to far from home. You can take a picnic lunch and go visit local museums to learn about the local history. 

9 - Create An Art Show. Have your child and a few of their friends create art pieces and when they are all completed have an art show for the neighborhood. 

10 - Games Day. Take a day where all you do all day is play games at your house. Take all the board and card games you own and set them out on the table and play all of them in one day.

Do you have other great ideas to add to this list? Thanks for sharing. 

Cordially, James

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February 3, 2015, 11:51 a.m. Flag

What wonderful ideas! Parents may also want to explore the library and see if their kids can enroll in a summer reading program. And on really hot days, engage in water activities like Super soaker fights or water balloon fights. Those are always fun!


May 22, 2015, 4:01 a.m. Flag

Many City parks have now added Disc Golf courses. This is a rising sport and those who have been playing for long periods of time are always very excited to teach newcomers. It is no contact, slow paced (if you can manuvere yourself around a park, walking or wheelchairs walkers canes whatever works for you and throw a Frisbee, you can play), casual play is free, the only cost is purchasing your first discs. However, if you link up with those who have been playing a while they are often happy to get you started from their own collections. As you feel comfortable you can join in on tournaments and competitions. (Very friendly typically) you can play in the day or evening, sometimes even at night. As you become more involved there are MANY travel opportunities that are family friendly. (Local all the way up to worldwide!) And there is no age limit. My 16 year old Daughter has been playing since she could walk and there are easily 70year olds playing as well. Just thought I would through this out there, if it is too long or if you have questions feel free to contact me or admin remove if this was not okay to share.


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