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The Community Event Widget gives websites access to up-to-date local, family events. It's simple to and easy to install on your website or blog. The ChatterBlock Widget lists events in your local area. Perfect for finding popular happenings and great activities for all ages and families

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The Benefits of the ChatterBlock Widget

The ChatterBlock Widget is a small web application installed within your web page that feeds the most popular and up-to-date family events listed on ChatterBlock.

Increase traffic

With the ChatterBlock events widgets your viewers will get that extra perk of coming to your website and knowing what is happening within their home town.

Free to use

At no administrative or financial cost to you, the ChatterBlock widget can be up on your site within a matter of 3 easy steps.

Up to date

Never worry about missing an event again, as our widget automatically generates and re-populates the most popular and upcoming family events happening in your city.


Whether you have a blog, portal, forum, personal or company website, we have custom designed the ChatterBlock widget to fit within any website using any platform.

How do I use it?

Follow the simple steps below and you can have the ChatterBlock widget up on your website in no time. If you are having any difficulties along the way, we are always here to help, either call the ChatterBlock support line at 1-888-415-3167 or email us at

Decide where would you like to place the widget on your website. The widget can be customized to fit along the sidebar or within the main content of your website.

Please click to select one of the following widget options:


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