Palo Alto Businesses: Martial Arts

  • 1 - Sponsored 1625 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA ( 49.7 km)

    "Zen Martial art is about enlightenment."

    Kwan Um Do Kwang is a path of self-development that has its roots in Korean Zen training. Starting with martial arts training of the body and mind: sword, self-defense, and striking arts, the student le...

  • 2 - Sponsored 151 Old County Rd Suite D, San Carlos, CA ( 16.4 km)

    Twin Dragon Kung Fu Academy was started in Sifu John Oliva's garage over 20 years ago in Foster City. The first official Twin Dragon Kung Fu Academy was opened in San Carlos on El Camino.

  • 3 731 Kains Ave., San Mateo, CA ( 24.4 km)

    Located in San Bruno,California, Dojo USA World Training Center serves the San Bruno community as well as clients from many outlying communities.

  • 4 30A Hill Street, Daly City, CA ( 46.1 km)

    A family-oriented Martial Arts school for ages 4 and up. Students are given a safe, fun and positive learning environment in which to develop their fitness, confidence, discipline, focus, and self-defense skills.

  • 5 1535 Landess Ave Suite 114, Milpitas, CA ( 29.8 km)

    Tricking is an explosive new performing art which combines the elements of Martial Arts, Acrobatics, and Dance.

  • 6 1414 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA ( 47.1 km)

    Whether an individual martial artist, non-experienced to master levels, or an established school searching for guidance towards credentials at Kukkiwon (WTF Korea) or Sin Moo Hapkido, you have come to the right place.

  • 7 Multiple locations in the County of, San Mateo, CA ( 24.4 km)

    Traditional Korean Martial Arts and Character Development Academy. Part of the Menlo Park community for over 10 years. Dedicated to your family's success!

  • 8 2868 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA ( 46.1 km)

    The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts (MCCLA) was established in 1977 by artists and community activists with a shared vision to promote.

  • 9 41 Washington Ave, Santa Clara, CA ( 25.5 km)

    Silva Martial Arts is a single-location, family-owned studio located in Santa Clara, California.

  • 10 31832 Alvarado Blvd, Union City, CA ( 18.4 km)

    For over 14 years, Choi's Martial Arts has been actively serving the community and safely provided martial arts training in the Bay Area. Their award winning program develops character in students and energizes them to maximize their physical and ...

  • 11 2410 El-Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA ( 21.8 km)

    Ernie Reyes' World Martial Arts Association System offers many programs that will fit your family needs.

  • 12 368 24th St, Oakland, CA ( 43.5 km)

    Soja Martial Arts builds bodies, minds, and spirits. Our workouts provide fun, vigorous, health-oriented martial arts & yoga for both kids & adults. Go to our online schedule to see all the interesting classes we offer weekly.

  • 13 1111 W El Camino Real #117, Sunnyvale, CA ( 12.5 km)

    Tiger Martial Arts is pleased to serve the Sunnyvale and the South Bay community. They provide top quality Taekwondo instruction in a safe and clean environment.

  • 14 1828 Park St, Alameda, CA ( 37.6 km)

    At USAKFS, we work hard to make kung fu training for your children a beneficial experience of lifetime.

  • Academy of Self Defense

    15 3475 Woodward Avenue, Santa Clara, CA ( 22.9 km)

    The Academy of Self Defense teaches real-world self-defense, mixed martial arts, muay thai, and fitness classes to men, women, and children. Designed by a team of fitness and defensive tactics experts known for training fighters, military and law ...

  • Academy of Tae Kwon Do San Francisco

    16 988 Oak St. (at Scott St.), San Francisco, CA ( 49.2 km)

    The Academy of Tae Kwon do was established in 1979 by Professor Bill Dewart. It is associated with S. Henry Cho's Karate Institute in New York City, one of the oldest Martial Arts schools in the country. The classes at the academy are open to ever...

  • Aikido Kokikai Silicon Valley

    17 548 S Murphy Ave, Sunnyvale, CA ( 14.4 km)

    Aikido Kokikai of Silicon Valley teaches self defense to men, women, and childern in Sunnyvale, California.

  • Aikido of Fremont Aiki Zenshin Dojo

    18 42307 Osgood Rd Unit J, Fremont, CA ( 23.4 km)

    Peace on a macro level comes from peace on a micro level. If you are filled with peace, you will see peace around you. If you see peace around you, you will emanate peace. If you emanate peace, you will create peace.

  • Aikido of Mountain View

    19 1924 Plymouth St, Mountain View, CA ( 6.6 km)

    Aikido of Mountain View offers a unique martial arts approach that applies Aikido principles to everyday life. We emphasize centering, blending, and peaceful resolution of conflict to help the individual improve self-confidence, enhance teamwork, ...

  • Aikido of San Leandro

    20 1033 MacArthur Blvd., San Leandro, CA ( 32.4 km)

    A beautiful and enlivening art, Aikido is a philosophy with physical expression. The unification of mind, body, and spirit creates a clarity and calmness which transfers to daily life.

  • Aikido San Francisco Aikikai

    21 1625 Bush Street #4, San Francisco, CA ( 49.7 km)

    San Francisco Aikikai offers an aikido program for children ages 6 to 13 years old.

    Students will learn how to perform aikido techniques, and how to safely take falls. Emphasis is placed on developing balance, posture, and body coordination,...

  • Aikido Silicon Valley

    22 790 E Duane Ave, Sunnyvale, CA ( 16.0 km)

    Aikido Silicon Valley is dedicated to passing on the teaching of Aikido faithfully as it was taught by the Founder, Ueshiba Morihei O-Sensei.

    Classes are taught by Dojo Cho Alice MacAllister Sensei (5th degree black belt) and Bill Witt Shihan ...

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