Becoming a young step mom, tips?

Don't want to say too much about my situation, but just curious from people about tips on becoming a new step mom?

The "new kids" are 8, 11, and 14.

What are some good to dos and more importantly not to dos?

Posted by Malinda R on Nov 20 | Like this |

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I know a young woman with her own young son and three step kids. The step kids take turns by the week staying at one home or the other. From what I understand it is extremely difficult on the step mom. I haven't heard the other five sides of this story but I would imagine that it is not ideal from anyone's point. The Brady Bunch was just a TV show.............

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There is help available for dealing with inter-personal relationships S.F. If you feel that u need it.

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I think this is a rough go, no matter what the specifics. But after seeing friends endure this hardship, I recommend one thing -- NEVER (and I mean NEVER) say a single, solitary negative thing about their mom. Period. Even if you think she is the biggest psycho out there, you will have a far better chance of building a relationship win her kids by being humble, kind, and overly gracious when it comes to their mom. Always speaking highly of her, giving her the benefit of every doubt, and just focusing on kindess will do a better job of winning them over than any "tricks" you might come up with! :)

Posted by Natasha D on Dec 4 '12, 8:31 p.m. | Share | Like | Flag as abuse

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