Reading Buddies - Cupertino Library

Reading Buddies

Ages: 5+ yrs

Cupertino Library Reading Buddies programs are held on the first Thursday and second Monday of the month.

Children in Kindergarten through 5th grade can buddy up with a furry friend and read aloud from a favorite book at the Library. Co-sponsored by Furry Friends P.A.T.S. (Pet Assisted Therapy Services) .

The pets, mostly dogs, are great listeners and their presence creates a relaxed, comfortable, safe and non-judgmental place where children can improve their reading, gain self-confidence, learn to love to read and just have fun! The pets get to be petted, snuggled and hear stories. They don’t judge or criticize when the young readers make mistakes, which can cause them to become frustrated and discouraged readers who end up not ever liking to read. This type of program has been successful in libraries across the country, motivating children to read and raising their self esteem. Communication and socialization skills are added benefits, as well as responsible pet care.
Parents are asked to remain in the library during the 20-minute program.

Registration for the following month's programs begins on the third Monday of the month.

Children must register in person at the Children's Desk in the Library for one of these Reading Buddies programs.

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